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Expressions of Life and our families are committed to empowering our friends and family members to lead a fulfilled life, in the most integrated manner possible.

We strive to support our friends to become contributing members of a family and the community.

We aim to support each individual in obtaining growth, confidence and self reliance.

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The colleagues of Expressions of Life have excelled in each of their chosen professions from case coordination, Social Work, Home Base Providers, Direct Care Staff and Medical Billing for a total of 45 years of experience in the developmental disabilities field.  The combination of success has brought the philosophy of Expressions of Life together to form a superior service committed to the principle that all individuals are able to become contributing members of their family and community.

Carol Lynn Montoya Herrera, BA - Director
Cum Laude graduate in Psychology and Spanish from the University of New Mexico.
Direct Care experience in the field of disabilities for over 16 years.  Provided a home based living arrangement for two adults aerved on the DD Waiver for 7 years. A result oriented professional with experience in planning and directing administrative affairs involving planning of services related to the elderly population. Trusted adviser, liaison and advocate.  Committed to Family and Excellence.

James Herrera – Finance and Administration
A well rounded advocate and performer committed to excellence. Have over 16 years in the DD field.  Enjoy working directly with families, consumers and community resources.   Possess strong communication skills with the ability to work in a flexible environment and excellent problem solving and creative and resourceful in solution.
Builds ever lasting bonds and relationships with individuals considered to be challenging in disposition.

Ashley Candelaria – Administrative Assistant
Experience in the DD field for 5 years, enjoy working directly with clientele in a variety of settings.  Ambitious and knowledgeable in wide range of areas.   Possess self initiative and is a great advocate far those with disabilities. Has served as direct care staff and has moved into supervisory position.  Has knowledge in team approach and has first hand experience in the ISP process.  Her greatest asset is follow-through and dedication to the people we serve. Ashley has just recently graduated with a degree in medical billing.

JoAnn Gonzales - Program Manager/Service Coordinator
Experience in the DD field for over 27 years, experience consists of job coaching,&bsp; job procurement, and direct care staff. After 12 years she moved to Albuquerque where she worked for 10 years in a day rehabilitation setting where she then moved on to a supervisory position. After 10 yrs she attempted to retire, but as JoAnn states, ‘Once you befriend a special needs parson and you attempt to change careers, you find a huge void in your life. So needless to say JoaAnn is back in the field where she is fulfilling her needs as well as others.  She is currently a trainer, and a person that people seek for assistance and advocacy.

Verna Gonzales - Service Coordinator

A creative and resourceful individual who has worked in the DD field for several years, Verna befriends her clientele the minute she makes contact with them.  She is quiet yet compassionate, a person whom our clients seek for friendship and advocacy. Verne has experience in home base, respite and community incident coordinator for the agency.  In the role she interacts with DOH & our consumers in an effort to ensure health & safety.

Marilyn Kaneshiro - Service Coordinator
Residential Service Coordinator for Valencia County. A genuine advocate for all persons with disabilities. She is a cheerful and dedicated individual who has experience in foster care and family living. Marilyn and the families she serves have built a very strong bond. She is welcomed into homes with open arms. She is an asset to Expressions of Life. Her bubbly disposition is enjoyed by all.

Anthony Gonzales - Service Coordinator

A dedicated individual, with over 10 years of experience in a variety of settings. He has worked in group homes, day rehabilitation, Service Coordination and Employment Services Manager. Anthony is an intricate part of our team as well as the life's of persons served.

Janis Cline, RN
A dedicated and caring professional who has several years of experience in the DD field. She has become a valued team player for Expressions of Life. She has served on the board on Mental Retardation and Developmental Disabilities. Janis provides professional nursing care for our consumers and staff.

Jennifer Menke, Service Cooridnator

Joseph Montoya, RN


Colene Fields, LPN

Jade Contrucci, Data Entry

Mary Jean Gonzales, Specialist - Quality Assurance Clerk



Specialized training accommodations available to meet the needs of training recipients
A one time administrative fee is accessed upon acceptance into the program. No hidden fees occur at a later date.
Trainings are provided at no charge to Family Living Providers and one support staff identified per consumer

  • Training fees for support staff are comparable
  • Programming is Family Oriented and Person Centered
  • No waiting list for staff support or services 24 hour on call support service
  • Team atmosphere

Expressions of Life is fortunate to have on our support staff the following service providers:
      Joseph Montoya, Training Facilitator